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About Zishu

Name: Sohail Shaikh 
Age - 25
Education - MSC.CS
I'm a Creative Streamer, Gamer , and Ex-Professional Dancer, Educating and Motivating Creative Gamer with New Streams Every Day. This community is about empowering and educating creatives to take control of their lives, income and their careers!

I Started Streaming just out of Passion and now the community is grown into a bigger circle , so I thought I can make this push into something bigger.
I Started taking YouTube seriously and made it my Profession by playing Competitive games which helped me getting a Lime Light , and finally started earning by Monetizing my YouTube Channel.

A few time later , I Joined some Big Gaming eSports Organizations and started getting counted in one of the Biggest Gaming Content Creators from India.
Being an Indian Gamer , it was really pretty hard to get the support from Parents , but yes by passing many hurdles I made it possible !

Currently I'm Residing in Mumbai , Ulhasnagar and trying to Chase my Dream to become the "NadeShot" of India [ CEO of 100T eSports Organization ]

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